Clemens Purner is an Austrian director based in Berlin. 

He is known for his playful films and portraits of places and people around the world.

With a certain refined aesthetic approach, he takes his audience through a detailed and colorful journey, pointing out the unexpected within what is already there. 

An underlying tone of humor and a desire to surprise his audience is what defines this unique order of interests that sets the mood for each film.

Having graduated from Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Purner creates both commercial and personal work.

A recent winner of the Amadeus Award ‘Music Video of the Year’ – his work has been screened and published internationally.

Amongst others, he has done commercial work for DHL, Mini, Siemens, Swarovski, Visa, T-Mobile and Universal NBC. 

Amongst others, his work has been published on The Atlantic, Quartz, Vice Motherboard, Another and Aeon Magazine.